Physical Intervention
Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry:

Skills may be needed in some care environments to manage challenging behaviour safely. Depending on the risks faced in the role this can involve anything from avoidance and disengagement skills for those in community environments through to rescue, escorting and holding skills, which may be particularly relevant in mental health and learning disability, care and residential settings. We can offer you a bespoke designed programme at your venue aimed towards your individual organisation needs.

Outline of Programme:
  • • What is Physical Intervention
  • • Challenging Behaviour and Physical Intervention
  • • Anger, Aggression, and Physical Assault
  • • Physical Intervention
  • • Triggers
  • • The law and physical intervention
  • • The Assault Cycle
  • • Breakaway techniques
  • • Basic holding techniques
  • • Risks relating to the techniques

This course contains both theory and practical elements. The course is delivered in 6 hours. The theoretical part covers all aspects of law, including Health & Safety at Work Act, Human Rights, Mental Health Act, and Common Law & Criminal Law. The practical training ensures all attendees are able to put in to practice the techniques learnt, are confident in their ability and have passed a practical competency assessment.