Personal Safety Skills

As a professional Training Provider, we always stress that the use of force is always the last resort, after all other avenues have been exhausted and with no other alternative, however we also recognise that on the frontline that you may not have the opportunity or time to reason and the use of force may be necessary to avoid escalation, or further injury, in a high risk conflict situation.

We can deliver a system that is heavily based on the personal safety & public order training that members of H.M. Forces receive, as it has been tried, tested and proved effective on the frontline in many different theatres of operations, in situations, for example, that Door Supervisors in busy venues may find themselves facing.

Skills taught will include:
  • • The use of Force
  • • Conflict Resolution Model
  • • Distraction Techniques
  • • Fend Offs
  • • Nerve Stuns
  • • Escorting Techniques
  • • Third Party Interventions

Training Packages can be moulded to the requirements of your needs and we are confident that the techniques taught will be of great value to the professional Security Operative, regardless of previous training, we deliver to all levels of experience.