Call Centre Excellence
Day 1 Customer Service Award

This accredited qualification has been designed for delivery to all learners working or preparing to work in a customer service role or where using the telephone is a part of their role. This qualification covers the principles of customer service, including how to meet customer expectations, the importance of appropriate behaviour and communication techniques, as well as ways to deal with problem customers.

This qualification covers:

  • • Understand the principles of customer service
  • • Understand how customer needs and expectations are formed
  • • Know the interpersonal skills and appropriate behaviour required in the customer service environment
  • • Understand the principles of responding to customers’ problems or complaints
Day 2 Call Centre Excellence

TThe course involves scenario based learning giving learners the opportunity to use the type of equipment they could expect to find in a fully functioning Call Centre. At the end of the course the learner will achieve an accredited Level 2 qualification on Customer Service Skills and a Certificate of Excellence in Call Centre Training

During this course topics covered include:

Principles of Customer Service
  • · How good/bad customer service affects the organisation,
  • · Understanding customer needs and expectations
  • · How to meet customer expectations
  • · Obtaining feedback
Principles of Responding to Complaints
  • · Adapting communication
  • · Personal Approach
  • · Problem Solving
  • · Communication methods, skills required for effective communication
  • · Adapting styles of communication
  • · Dealing with potentially stressful situations
  • · Problem solving theories
  • · Unique selling points
  • · Objection Handling
Team Work & Interpersonal Skills
  • · Skills required for team work
  • · Maintaining effective relationships
  • · Rapport Building
  • · Main principles of the Data Protection Act
  • · Consumer Law
  • · Equal Opportunities
  • · Importance of Customer confidentiality
  • · Code of Practice and ethical standards
Call Centre Specific
  • · Use of telephone system
  • · Relevance of Disclosure and Credit checks in Call Centre
  • · Attention to detail & Listening exercises
  • · Importance of accuracy and product knowledge