Hospitality for Front of House
Day 1 Customer Service Award

This accredited qualification has been designed for delivery to all learners working or preparing to work in a customer service role or where using the telephone is a part of their role. This qualification covers the principles of customer service, including how to meet customer expectations, the importance of appropriate behaviour and communication techniques, as well as ways to deal with problem customers.

This qualification covers:

  • • Understand the principles of customer service
  • • Understand how customer needs and expectations are formed
  • • Know the interpersonal skills and appropriate behaviour required in the customer service environment
  • • Understand the principles of responding to customers’ problems or complaints
Food Safety Level 1

This qualification focuses on the importance of food safety in the retail environment. It will introduce you to the basic principles of Food Safety and Hygiene. It is suitable for businesses supplying both open and packaged foods.

Before starting work for the first time food handlers need to be aware of the hazards and controls associated with food in retail operations. Particular attention is paid to stock rotation, preventing contamination, temperature control and the condition of food packaging in the retail environment. The importance of good personal hygiene, cleaning, waste management and recognising and reporting signs of pests are also stressed.

On achieving this Award candidates will be equipped with the knowledge to enable them to provide safe food and will assist the business to comply with the law.

  • • Identify appropriate hygiene and food handling practices.
  • • Use appropriate measures to prevent contamination of food and destroy bacteria.
  • • Identify the reasons for taking appropriate measures to prevent outbreak of food illnesses.
  • • Explain how effective design and maintenance of premises and equipment and pest control contribute to good standards of hygiene practices.
  • • Identify the implications of current food hygiene regulations.

This qualification is assessed by a 15 question multiple choice question examination. The duration of the examination is 30 minutes. Successful learners must achieve a score of at least 10 out of 15.