Personal License (Refresher)
Personal License (SCPLH Refresher)

Qualification Overview:

These are Scotland’s standards, based on the training framework drawn up by the National Licensing Forum and amended in 2013. The qualifications are for those involved in the sale of alcohol in both on sales and off sales. They have been developed to make sure that to comply with Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 and the Alcohol etc. (Scotland) Act 2010.

The key areas are:

  • • Introduction to licensing
  • • Responsible operation of licensed premises
  • • Effect of irresponsible operation on society and health

Employers will look for the relevant qualifications when they are appointing new staff for the licensed trade. They also expect their existing staff to have these qualifications.

Understanding and applying skills in these key areas are important because they help learners to work effectively in their present job and also prepare for jobs within the sector, which they may do in future. Developing knowledge of licensing legislation helps them to deal with today’s rapidly changing world and improves their career prospects.

Learners will need a Refresher qualification based upon the National Standards Personal License Holders (Refresher) to support an application for demonstrating to a Licensing Board that they have completed their mandatory refresher training. This qualification is about showing learners understand how the licensing process works in Scotland, how people employed within the licensed trade can work responsibly and the consequences of this if they don’t.

Entry Requirements:

It is advised that candidates have a level of literacy and English that enables them to communicate effectively. This should be established during initial assessment.

Learners must been awarded with a Scottish Certificate for Personal License Holders Award, or equivalent. Please note, only qualifications based upon the current National Standard for Personal License Holders, or its predecessor, would be considered to be equivalent.